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Happenings and Fun Stuff

Luxuries of Life

Rachel Lu

“Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.”-- Frank Lloyd Wright

Not that a new refrigerator was not tempting. Having lived on this good earth for a good while, a milestone birthday was an auspicious event calling for a big present. 

Ballinskeilligs Light hit me on May 9th exactly at 7:21 pm. Warm, aplomb, and moody like one Irish lad I knew. I stopped and stared at the oil painting, bewildered by a sudden surge of desire to keep it so I can stare some more. 

So there it is, the luxuries of life captured on canvas by the affable Richard Hearns, a Hibernian marvel with boyish good looks. 

The old fridge doesn’t make ice, but we will have champagne because cocktails are for old people.